Quienés somos

Impulso, formally known as Impulso de Oaxaca (“Impulse from Oaxaca”), is a Los-Angeles-based Spanish weekly founded by its publisher Guadalupe R. Bojorquez and two writers, Mireya Olivera and Marcela Rodriguez, in 2004.

Impulso’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the Oaxaquenos, an indigenous population in Mexico’s state of Oaxaca, in Mexico and the Oaxaqueno immigrant community (estimated at more than 100,000) in Los Angeles.  Everyday, Impulso strives to provide impartial and objective stories and news relevant to help the growing Oaxaqueno community improving their daily life.  The paper also serves as a voice on behalf of the community on issues such as education, immigration, and health care.

For more information, please contact us at:
Mireya Olivera, Editor
6645 Southside Dr.
Los Angeles, Ca.90022
Tel. (323) 721-9773
E-mail: impulso@sbcglobal.net

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